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Compassionate Witness

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Why Compassionate Witness?

We live in a divided and increasingly complex society. Together we are experiencing the effects of a global pandemic, isolation, climate chaos, racial tension, hate crimes, political instability, war, disinformation, and more.  The way these compounding stressors impact us, interactive meditation can help us find balance and stability.


What is Compassionate Witness?

Compassionate Witness calls upon our shared humanity to embrace suffering. Through  inquiry-based mindfulness offered by team of Awakening Truth teachers, with presence and compassion, stress slowly releases and suffering transforms..


Compassionate Witness in practice

We begin with some basic guidelines to create safety and holding. Then offer a guided meditation to allow ourselves to settle. As we feel our bodies more, that invites sensitivity to the vast array of feelings, numbness, joys, and sorrows that may be present. We then make an open invitation for anyone to share about their present moment experience. When someone is speaking we  all practice deep listening, adding to the support and safety of the speaker. An Awakening Truth teacher invites pauses and asks simple questions to facilitate acceptance and letting go. In this way, as one person lets go, the group also can let go; as one heals, many of us heal.

How it evolved

Compassionate Witness  evolved out of the Interactive Inquiry calls we had for many years and more recently in collaboration with Anita Pottekkatt, Sunil Joseph and Brian Smith.

Compassionate Witness events with Awakening Truth

Every first Sunday of every month

9:30am-11:00am Pacific Time, 12:30pm – 2:00pm Eastern Time.

Zoom link here: Passcode: 082690

Next one will be January 1, 2023.

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