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Mission: Awakening Truth is a non-profit organization run entirely on kindness and generosity, sharing the Buddha’s teachings to live in compassion, joy, and peace.

 About Amma Thanasanti


Amma Ṭhanasanti is a California born spiritual teacher dedicated to serving all beings. Since she first encountered the Dharma in 1979, she has been committed to awakening.

As a former Buddhist nun of 26 years, she combines the precision and rigor of the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition, compassion, pure awareness practices and a passion for wholeness.

Amma has been teaching intensive meditation retreats in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia since 1995. She invites an openness to pause and inquire into the truth of the present moment, integrating what is liberating at the core of our human condition.

Why It's Important

The world is on fire with confusion, greed and ill-will. People are hurting. When we understand how these forces come together we can turn the tide and live from clarity, and generosity and feel joy, and confidence.

If you are a master of contemplative practices, advanced in your personal development or feel engaged in the world, when we use an integral approach, we awaken the evolutionary potential within each of us by bringing each of these areas and letting them strengthen us.

When we see the ever-present is right here, we understand and stabilize love and freedom that is unshakable, even in a world that is fragile and where so much is changing so fast. It is time to wake up and live more fully, not only for ourselves, but for what we have to offer each other and the world.

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What You'll Learn

We offer classic tools like the foundations of mindfulness. This shows us ways to live with our body and make it a temple for contemplation; use our feelings and work with our agitated minds to develop qualities of ease, well-being and contentment.

We develop qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity, and dwell in sublime heart qualities.

We offer an integral approach that brings awareness to our stages of conscious development.

We make use of friendship and inquiry to accentuate the warmth of connection and the power of observational witness to support the gradual path of integration and awakening.

Along side these we understand that the greatest act of love we can make is to love ourselves completely and let that be force for loving and being loved by the whole universe. 

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How to Get Started

It's easy to get started with Awakening Truth! Amma often shares her thoughts and relevant resources through our blog. It is a great way to see what is current at Awakening Truth. Be sure to click in the "Tags" icon to be able to sort by key topic areas.

Amma has recorded over 400 talks. Start learning right away from her over two and half decades of experience.

Amma is committed to sharing her knowledge with everyone. We just created an online platform for courses at no cost to you! Come check out her teaching videos on topics like pervasive love, leadership and spiritual grounding..

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How to Volunteer!

There are many ways to get involved and to volunteer your can join a committee or just offer your unque services.

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