Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is a practitioner of the Thai Forest Tradition, and ordained for some time at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. She teaches meditation locally and internationally with her partner, Willa. She holds a PhD from Monash University and serves as a senior academic in psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology. With a focus on inclusivity and equity, she chaired the research committee for the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and is an editorial board member for the Psychotherapy and Counseling Journal of Australia (PACJA). Elizabeth maintains a psychotherapy practice, both online and in-person, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Leslie Wallis

Ruth Zanoni

Ruth Zanoni has over three decades of legal experience as an attorney specializing in mediation and as a law clerk in the San Francisco Superior Court. Passionate about mediation, Ruth became certified in 2002 and dedicated the next 18 years to helping individuals navigate conflicts and promoting ethical mediation practices. Her involvement extended to serving on the board of the Maryland Council of Dispute Resolution and contributing to Maryland’s Community Mediation programs. Ruth also integrated restorative practices into educational settings and trained others in this field. Emphasizing nonviolent communication and mindfulness, Ruth continued these practices until the pandemic, during which she shifted her focus to leading meditations, teaching mindfulness, and facilitating writing groups. Recently, Ruth attained full certification as a Realization Process teacher and completed advanced trauma release training.