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    April 7, 2014

    Open House summary

    This weekend Shakti Vihara hosted two open house events. Everyone who came and those who helped with preparations beforehand helped to create really wonderful events! In both events nearly 40 people came, 6 car loads from Denver, neighbors, people from meet-up and people who know me from other communities. I enjoyed watching everyone relax as they got to know a little more about me and what I can offer, got to meet new people, and brainstormed ideas for a summer program. By the end of each session there was such a relaxed, fluid, alert, and creative group dynamic that I had the feeling we had all known each other a long time.


    This is the summary of what the groups wanted:


    • Level 1 meditation class. Progressing to level 3. After level 3 the group will once again vote from the following meditation practices:  Four Noble Truths, the 4 Divine Abodes of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity; working with elements, aggregates, contemplation of death, facets of love, working with physical and emotional pain and pure awareness practices.
    • Meditation in the Garden of the Gods every two weeks in order to access the power it has and find ways to use it as a porthole to pure presence and unconditional love.
    • Full moon meditation vigils
    • Meditation intensives.
    • Regular times to check in about practice- what is arising and how to work with it.
    • Family events.
    • Camping trips
    • Women’s hot-spring
    • Community cohesiveness so there is continuity when I am travelling as well as linking in Denver groups to what is going on here at Shakti Vihara.
    • Training in giving and receiving feedback (Denver groups)
    • Sustainable greenhouse and other transition activities.
    • Forest Tradition and the philosophy of mind training.
    • Qigong classes (David Hays offered to teach)

    Sacred Camping trip is planned 26 April- 1 May in Arches National Park Utah. Registrations deadline April 14. See http://awakeningtruth.org/events/retreats/355-sacred-camping-trip-moab-2014


    May 2 begins feedback training and will likely continue for several sessions when I teach at the Denver group.


    May 4 is the next time to ask questions about your meditation practice. Call in number: Dial-in number: (805) 399-1200(805) 399-1200 Participant access code: 588931#   time: Colorado: 10 AM.


    May 23-29 Week long intensive retreat on Love sexuality and awakening. Registration deadline is April 23.  http://awakeningtruth.org/events/retreats/357-sunrise-ranch-loveland-co-may-23rd-29th-2014


    June 8 is a daylong meditation intensive contact Cierra for reservation: cierra@mayusanctuary.com


    June 12 is the first full moon meditation vigil.


    July we will begin level 1 meditation class.


    The following still need to be scheduled:


    Family events, women hot-springs, sustainable greenhouse and transition activities, meetings to brainstorm community cohesiveness and the start dates for both the GOG’s meditation  and Qigong David Hays is offering.


    The details of all of these events including those at other venues will be on the AwakeningTruth.org website calendar http://awakeningtruth.org/events/calendar .


    Events at Shakti Vihara will be listed under the Meet-up group http://www.meetup.com/Meditate-Monk-Garden-of-the-Gods/)


    Regular newsletter and notices about retreats will be sent to you if you subscribe to the Awakening Truth e-list: http://awakeningtruth.org/


    If you want to stay connected with larger communities there are these facebook groups to sign up for:

    1. Awakening Truth Facebook group
    2. Against the Stream/ Denver Dharma Punx Facebook group


    The potential of community is that we can support each other heal, understand and rest in the awareness/love that pervades all.  Together, we can build a world we want to live in.


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