Application for Integrated Meditation Program

Evolution of Integrated Meditation:

For the past 15 years, Amma has been studying attachment theory and repair. For the past 15 months, Dr. David Elliott and Amma have been in regular contact. He is now the principal advisor and endorses the Integrated Meditation Program. The focus of the program uses the 3 pillars, including inquiry for co-regulation and Earth-based practices for ideal support. We expect this program will rely upon an open-ended collaborative discovery between participants and faculty.

The Premise:

This innovative prototype will start you on an open-ended discovery process that will help you shift your experiences in close relationships and some of your schema – strategies that are developed to manage the lack of basic needs getting met in formative years.  We hypothesize that the impact of implementing this program will show itself in shifts in your core beliefs, stress levels, and an increase in your resilience and will allow for more reliable access to the joys and freedoms that meditation is designed to provide.

This program will have three main components.

  1. Co-regulation: Support from mentors and peers using inquiry.
  2. Metacognition and Meditation: Combining metacognitive and Foundations of Mindfulness skills and practices to support healthy thoughts and reduce or eliminate unhealthy ones.
  3. Restructuring imprints: Changing deep-seated beliefs.

Integrated Meditation is a six-month program. It includes big group meetings and small group meetings with a teacher each month. You also get two half-hour one-on-one meetings with a teacher and three meetings with your peers. It’s a way to learn and grow together!

As this is not therapy, and some of the faculty are not psychotherapeutically trained, we assess if this program will be a good match for you with two free self-assessment quizzes as part of the application.

For this program to be effective, we will need a small group of motivated meditators committed to attending all meetings for the six months with big group sessions, small group sessions, peer group meetings, and one-on-one sessions with a teacher. Your feedback will be an integral component of our curriculum development.

Once we receive your completed application, including required assessments, we will get back to you with time slots for an interview.

We will be asking some personal questions. Your answers will be kept confidential and only the main faculty of the program will see them. Some questions may bring up painful memories. Please prioritize your well-being. Pause or do not answer questions that are upsetting to you. If you do find that you are triggered at any point, there is a meditation video at the end of this form to resource you.

Are you fluent in English?

This program will be entirely online using Zoom. Will this provide any obstacle for you to attend?

Disclaimer. This program is not designed for anyone who in the last year has had a major loss or trauma, has been unable to function due to mental instability, or just started working on their own trauma resolution or complex PTSD. Please check yes if you qualify to participate.

Once you submit this form, you will be automatically forwarded to the required assessments to complete your application to the Integrated Meditation program.

Please refer to the links below to access these assessments directly:

Dissociative Experiences Scale – II

ECR Questionnaire

We also encourage you to watch our Redwood meditation to calm and soothe. Thank you again for your interest in this unique and impactful program.

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