Are you ready to transform patterns that meditation alone hasn’t shifted? Embrace a life filled with love, joy, and peace. Unlock the true benefits that meditation is meant to bring.

If this resonates with you, the Integrated Meditation program could be your path forward.

Join Amma Thanasanti and other facilitators on a transformative journey!

Direct from Amma:

For over four decades, meditation has been central to my life. As a former Buddhist nun of 26 years and a Dharma teacher for over 25, I’ve been fortunate to undergo extensive training including many long retreats and receiving teachings from renowned masters in the Ajahn Chah Forest tradition, His Holiness Dalai Lama, Tangpulu Sayadaw and Dipa Ma. Despite the transformative experiences, a persistent core belief of unworthiness and an underlying sadness and basic fear remained within me. My work with the 3-pillars has shifted these core beliefs and feelings positively impacting my health, close relationships, and resiliency. With my own experience of profound relief, I feel passionate about sharing this program with you.

Meet the team:

Amma Thanasanti is the founder of the Integrated Meditation Program and the lead teacher.

Dr. David Elliott is a Harvard clinical psychologist, the co-founder of the 3-Pillars Protocol, and co-author of the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults; Treatment for Comprehensive Repair. He is an advisor to the Integrated Meditation Program.

Dr. Archer Maness is the Director of the Circle of Security Network providing an evidence-based intervention program focusing on relationships. The Network serves a wide range of families raising children and adolescents suffering from attachment difficulties due to developmental issues, reactive attachment disorder, maltreatment, disrupted relationships, and complex trauma. He is a consultant to the Integrated Meditation Program.

Lesley Podesta is the course administrator.

Evolution of Integrated Meditation:

For the past 15 years, Amma has been studying attachment theory and repair.  Since Jan 2023, Dr. David Elliott and Amma have been in regular contact. He is now the principal advisor and endorses the Integrated Meditation Program. The focus of the program uses the 3 pillars, including inquiry for co-regulation and attunement practices to optimize support. We expect this program will rely upon an open-ended collaborative discovery between participants and faculty.

The Premise:

This innovative prototype will start you on an open-ended discovery process that will help you shift your experiences in close relationships and some of your schema – strategies that are developed to manage the lack of basic needs getting met in formative years.  We hypothesize that the impact of implementing this program will show itself in shifts in your core beliefs, stress levels, and an increase in your resilience and will allow for more reliable access to the joys and freedoms that meditation is designed to provide.

This program will have three main components.

  1. Co-regulation: Support from mentors and peers using inquiry.
  2. Metacognition and Meditation: Combining metacognitive and Foundations of Mindfulness skills and practices to support healthy thoughts and reduce or eliminate unhealthy ones.
  3. Restructuring imprints: Changing deep-seated beliefs using Ideal Parent Imagery and other tools.

Integrated Meditation is a six-month program. It includes big group and small group meetings with a teacher each month. You also get three 45-minute one-on-one meetings with a teacher and three meetings with your peers. It’s a way to learn and grow together!

As this is not therapy, we encourage you to be in regular contact with your therapist for the duration of the program. We assess if this program will be a good match for you with two free self-assessment quizzes and an interview.

For this program to be effective, we will need a small group of motivated meditators committed to attending all meetings for the six months with big group sessions, small group sessions, peer group meetings, and one-on-one sessions with a teacher. Your feedback will be an integral component of our curriculum development.

Starting in January 2024

The big groups will be meeting on Saturday morning Pacific Time.  The mentor and one-on-one meeting will be at various times. 

Cost: Sliding scale based on your income/assets and ability to give is from $800 – $2400 for the program

Location: Virtual on Zoom

The application process for the 6-month program starting in January is now closed.

Please complete the form below to express your interest in future Integrated Meditation course offerings and to hear about the results of the current cohort:

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The resources below will help you learn more about this program.

Integrated Meditation Introduction: