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Obsidian Darkness

Poetry admin-awakening-truth Tuesday, 08 September 2020 Hits
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Obsidian Darkness

Cornered:    What is, is. It won’t go away.

Resistance:   I feel how unacceptable, shocking, infuriating, terrifying and defeating this is.

Turning toward fears:   Underneath my resistance are my fears. I turn toward them, see them and name them. As courage builds, I feel them.

Danger:   There is so much that is at risk, the magnitude is overwhelming. Where do I engage to bring more safety? I prioritize needs, and make sure that self-care is on the list. I do what is most compelling. Direct action helps dispel anxiety.

Unleashing what is disallowed:    I look at my contribution. Where am I interested in my own comfort at the expense of others or the Earth? When do I condone racism, misogyny or superiority? Where have I internalizedthese? What supports my releasing these patterns?

Obsidian darkness:    I balance keeping my body healthy with letting go. I let go of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and relax my attention into what is groundless. I let go of trying. I rest. Body and mind drop away. What remains is obsidian darkness, vast and pervasive, beyond all reaches and limitations; my gateway.

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Amma Thanasanti is the founder of organizations Awakening Truth and Whole Life Path. She is a California born spiritual teacher dedicated to serving beings. She has been committed to awakening since she first encountered the Dharma in 1979. As a former Buddhist nun of 26 years, she combines the precision and rigor of the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition and a passion for wholeness. Amma invites you to pause to see what is liberating at the core of your human condition while also considering your well-being, your ability to know and and advocate for successively complex needs and integrate these into all aspects of daily life.
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