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Preparing for Surgery

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Hello friends.

I write from my studio apartment in Piedmont, California where I have been living since July. A recent breast cancer (BC) diagnosis has me preparing for surgery and recovery.

I have been dealing with Lyme disease for years. At a mammogram 6 months ago, the radiologist said that my lymph nodes were suspicious.

“My lymph nodes have been swollen for a few years. It is Lyme. Don’t worry.”

I wasn’t being flippant. Shortly before leaving Hawaii in late 2022, I had a lymph biopsy in the same area and it came back negative. It was fair to deduce after the negative result from the Hawaiian  biopsy,  the swollen Lymph nodes were from Lyme.

More recently at the breast center, the same radiologist said what was slightly concerning 6 months ago had become somewhat more concerning and ordered biopsies.

I heard the news the day before traveling to Mexico for a writing retreat. Both breast and lymph biopsies came back positive. I have since had a CT and bone scan, and both are clear. My surgeon/oncologist is confident in my excellent prognosis. The surgery date is 31 May. I will know the proposed time a few days before the surgery.  I’m settled with my surgical choice, a double mastectomy (DMX). I will need radiation after several weeks of recovery. I don’t know when hormone therapy begins.

Our ground team of family and friends near and far assembled spontaneously to help me research options and plan this. Grateful as it is all way more than any one person could manage.

This week was difficult. There was a big difference between personal reports from friends having this surgery and what my doctor was saying happens post surgery. I felt more confident and settled after discussing these things with Nicole, my physician’s assistant, and with Crystal, who is part of the ground team. I felt tangible relief after successfully negotiating for an anesthesia plan that minimizes using a general and pain meds that minimizes opioids.

The likely scenario is that I will be returning to my studio apartment after one night in the hospital. We are planning for different recovery scenarios – where I need different levels of support for various lengths of time. As my family lives in Colorado and close friends are occupied or far away, we need something that will work in this situation.

The Caring Bridge site gives you more details about what is happening and helps us organize. We are setting up systems for basic support that include an online wish list, mealtrain, errands, home support, and nature trips.  We’re hoping our systems to accept offers will be in place by Tuesday, May 28. In the meantime, you can find my wish list on Awakening Truth’s donation page where you can also make donations to help with my stipend while I recover and am unable to make money for the organization.

Your love and support help me access love and support that are innate. Both make it possible for me to move through this intent upon dancing with the blessings and challenges as they come.





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