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"In This Very Life” – 33 Women Ordained As Bhikkhunis at Gampaha

Dear Venerables & Friends,

I received a note from venerable bhikkhuni Kusuma Theri at Ayya Khema Meditation Center in Sri Lanka today. Ven Kusuma is often called “the first Sri Lankan bhikkhuni [in modern times],” as she was a great pioneer in the reemergence of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha in one of it’s ancient homelands, Sri Lanka.

In this note she related to me that on Jan 31st thirty-three (33) women were ordained as bhikkhunis at Gampaha, Sri Lanka.


Bhikkhus (in saffron-brown) and bhikkhunis (in saffron-orange) entering the monastic life in the Buddhist SanghaPhoto courtesy of the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, 1 Feb 2015

A link to an article from The Mirror shows photos of the ordination of these thirty three women as bhikkhunis and six men as bhikkhus.  There is video included with the article and more photos, with touching scenes of men and women bowing to their family members and hugging them, receiving all their blessings and forgiveness, as they then turn to take the step to fully enter into the monastic order.

The article relates that it is not since the venerable arahant Sanghamitta Theri’s providing ordination for several hundred women in Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BCE, that so many women are known to have ordained together on the island.

33 new bhikkhunis at left with Ven Kusuma Theri in the forefront at right and Bhikkhuni Sangha behind herPhoto courtesy of the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, 1 Feb 2015 
Most touching to me in Ayya Kusuma’s note is this last sentence:

The Monk ​[who is guiding them] ​is Ven. Krtawala Hemaloka of Gampaha who is an erudite scholar as well as a meditation master.​

The [​new bhikkhuni]s are extremely happy studying Pali,  the Tripitaka and meditating.  Their one aim and purpose is to achieve Arahanthoodin this very life.​

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

May it be so. May their wholesome intentions in the Path be fulfilled.

Ven Kusuma invites to visit Sri Lanka and share blessings, and welcomes any friends who would like to do wholesome deeds by participating in offering the support of the four requisites for the new bhikkhunis. And she asks me to share this wonderful news with you – which i do now, with heart of anumodana.
Photo courtesy of the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, 1 Feb 2015
With gladness & rejoicing,
Ayya Tathaaloka
May all be well, happy & peaceful – 
undisturbed in mind and heart.
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