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Interactive Inquiry Call

Dial-in number: 641- 715 3605 Participant access code: 588931#

Free Skype to Skype even for those calling from another country:
1. Search for the Skype contact: freeconferencecallhd.8053991200
2. Add as a contact 3.Call with Skype 4. Locate the Key Pad and enter access code when prompted Access Code: 588931#
Time: California: 9 AM; Colorado: 10 AM; CST 11 AM; East Coast: 12 noon; London: 5 PM; Delhi: 9:30 PM

There is no charge to use this conference call number. And if you use skype you can call in overseas with no charge.

Statement of Intention 
“It is the intention of this group to explore the Buddhist, non-theistic perspective on Dharma as a way of dealing with daily life, to listen with compassion and collectedness and speak with attention focused on body in order to support release of suffering, tension and clinging in all it forms. The Buddha envisioned monastics and lay communities supporting each other. A healthy Sangha is like an old growth forest that contains tremendous diversity. Everything has a place; the inter-relationships are widely beneficial not only for members of the Sangha but for the world. In this model, everyone joins together, independent of their precept level or commitment to practice, in order to support each other as a community in their aspiration to awaken.

Generosity sustains all Awakening Truth activities. Donations of time, energy and financial support are welcome. See

Event Properties

Event Date 08-20-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-20-2017 10:00 am
Any place you have a phone
2727 Tachevah Dr #24, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, USA
Any place you have a phone