Dana or Generosity specifically referring to financial contributions use Paypal or send a cheque in US Dollars to:


Awakening Truth Treasurer, 15 Columbia Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, USA.


Awakening Truth is a Religious Non-profit with 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.


Dana or generosity in the Pali language comes from a 2500 year old tradition that considers teachings and supportive conditions that lead to an end suffering priceless.


Coming to a Theravada monastery for the first time one of the most noteworthy things is what is offered: lodging, food, access to teachings, spiritual friendship, community as well as the amount of literature made available—not just pamphlets and brochures, but books, audio tapes, guides to meditation practice, and more. Items from all over the world and almost all of it written, edited or spoken by people who put the practice of meditation and the Dhamma at the core of their existence. Even more remarkable is that all of this is offered completely free.


But while the teachings of the Dhamma are priceless (hence the tradition of free distribution) the cost of printing and distributing the Dhamma is not. And the reality of living as an alms mendicant in a contemporary world dedicating ones life to Awakening, requires material needs and funds to survive. Fortunately, another Dhamma teaching is also at work, namely generosity, listed in the teachings as the first of the Ten Perfections. Generosity is given such a high priority in the perfections because it creates a basis for direct access to ones own goodness, making the rest of the spiritual path accessible and possible. Through large and small acts of generosity, monastics are able to live, food, shelter, robes and medicines are provided and books and CD’s have come into being.


If you would like to donate  through Paypal 97% of the funds go to the support of the Sangha and the ability make the teachings available through CD’s and postage of free distribution material.


If you would like to send a cheque in US dollars, 100% goes to the support of the Sangha. Make the check payable to Awakening Truth and send it to:


Awakening Truth Treasurer

15 Columbia Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80904