Dana List

Updated September 8, 2016


 Needed Food Items:

plain yogurt (large tub)

dried fruit

 2% milk 


fruit: apples, pears, berries

chicken broth


protein powder 














We have enough:  bread, grains, skin creams, hand soap, toilet cleaner,  trash bags. 

Organic or pesticide free: We do not ask for only these kinds of foods. And yet if you choose to offer this, please take time to rejoice the way in which your gift also supports innumerable other living beings.



Household items that are needed:



Wish LIst for the Garden of the Goddesses - Our community garden project


Request for books

It is important to regularly reflect on your goodness. Being tethered to your own goodness gives you balast to contend with critical mind, obessive craving and self-doubt. It also supports insight, calm and peace.