Dana List

Temporary Vihara in Santa Rosa, California:


As a result of  health needs for both Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni and her mother, Amma is in CA at a temporary vihara possibly until January. Ayya Dhammadhira is currently in Colorado Springs.

Mailing address for Amma Thanasanti C/O Angela Center 535 Angela Drive, Santa Rosa, CA., 95403



Retreat Cabin is on Angela Center Campus. Main building is 535 Angela Drive, Santa Rosa 95403, but some GPS won't take you there. From Santa Rosa take 101 N to Mendocino Avenue/ Old Redwood Highway exit. Left at the signal. After 1 mile Angela Dr is on right,  at 45 m/hr sign, turn right. Drive 1/2 mile up the hill.  The last part of Angela Drive is a one way lane. Just pass main 535 building at top, turn left into the permit parking area where you are welcome to park. From the parking area, retreat cabin is on left by "Fire Exit no Parking" sign.  Entrance is through gate that says "Shakti Vihara". As Amma's schedule is variable, best to come either during prescribed times or by special arrangment.

Open times:

Sunday November 29 1-3 PM

Sunday December 13 4-6 PM


Contact Ayya Dhammdhira by phone or email if you would like to know if she has any needs:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>">Dhammadhira(at)gmail.com


 This dana list is for the temporary Santa Rosa vihara in CA.


 November 24

GF bread







Anytime you buy organic produce - you are supporting sustainable agriculture.  Though not expected, is an expression of harmlessness and generosity to the world we live in as such it is deeply apprecaited.


Household items that are needed: 



Vitamins/Medicines Needed



Books that are Requested 

Wish list :






Already have sufficent of the following Food and Household items:


It is important to regularly reflect on your goodness. Being tethered to your own goodness gives you balast to contend with critical mind, obessive craving and self-doubt on the short list and facotrs that support insight, calm and peace.