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Economy of generosity

Since Awakening Truth began, it has existed entirely on kindness & generosity. Whatever you receive is because others have contributed time, and financial reosurces to make it possible. You are invited to contribute to this pay it forward system so that others may benefit. 

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In the Eye of the Storm


Small Rock


In the Eye of the Storm



Feel it.

Let it in.

Breathe the reality of dreamer’s dreams taken from them. Living here.

Told they have to leave, return to a place they have never been.


Feel it.

Let it in.

Flood waters, structures and lives torn asunder first with Harvey then Irma.


Feel the heat waves torch

The fires burning up land, and homes

Leaving ash where communities and animals lived.


Feel it.

Let it in.

White Supremacists hate


I quiver and shake.

Mind spins with ideas

Collapses under the weight


Embedded in the horror

An invitation



Breathe into sacrum

Ride the breath with the belly


Time to hand over

Lifting up

Not holding on



Breathe it into the pervasive where it can be transformed

It’s not yours or mine to own


Open to Big Mind

Be Zero

Be everything

Return to torus


Horrors are held


The anchor

The Rock





We’re alone in this together

                                                                  Amma Thanasanti

The Cauldron of Our Humanity

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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