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I'm sitting here 30 hours after hearing news of a tragic death in my family.

There is no way that our system can be ready for news like this, can avoid the shock, the body blow of impact. Right outside the edge of my personal expereince, I sense into the impact of my family.  Our web of connection both accentuates and mediates. When I loose ground, I process other people's shock through my own body. When I feel rooted and grounded, connect with what doesn't shake, then my heart opens to the impact without disolving into it. I feel cracked open, tender, attentive to ways I may be able to support.

Here is a chant that Ayya Dhammadhira wrote and we chanted together.  When I listen to it, I feel soothed.


Everything's impermanent
All that arises, will surely pass away,
it will surely pass away.

And in their passing there is peace,
In their passing there is peace.

I offer it now as a support for all of us who are dealing with death and the instability that comes with shocking change and dissolution.






Artist Name - Impermanence.mp3

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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