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July 20, 2011

Vassa has begun

The vassa began June 16. This is a time when Theravada Monastics spend three months together chanting, meditating, discussing Dhamma, studying the monastic discipline, and reciting the monastic rules every fortnight. In California there currently are two Theravada monasteries for women where a group of  Bhikkhunis, Samaneris, Anagarikas and monastic aspirants  have gathered for three months; Aranya Bodhi Forest Hermitage on the Sonoma coast and Mahapajapati Monastery near Joshua Tree National Park.

I am at Mahapajapati, – the first vassa with sisters since I left the UK in 2009- and will soon have one month solitary retreat.

Meanwhile the Aloka Vihara sisters, Ajahn Anandabodhi and Ajahn Santacitta are sewing robes and visiting Aranya Bodhi fortnightly in preparation for their Bhikkhuni ordination that is planned for 17 October at Spirit Rock. Samaneri Nimmala, Ajahn Medhanandi’s disciple at Sati Saraniya in Ottawa Canada, will be ordained at the same time.

You can support us from afar with your aspiration to keep precepts, your intention to meditate and your thoughts of kindness. If any of you are nearby you can join in our public talks. If you would like more information or to support with basic needs contact:

Aranya Bodhi:

Saranaloka Foundation: Saraniya:

Metta—-Thanasanti Bhikkhuni

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  1. Stephanie Potter says:

    Thank you for the invitation to join you from afar. Sending you my dedication to the precepts, my practice, and my best attempts at kindness. From northern Vermont, peace, Stephanie

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