There’s a story behind the Awakening Truth logo.


When things were becoming clear that it was time for me to leave the monasteries in the UK, I sought out my dear friend Sister Rosemary and shared all that had transpired. I have known Sister Rosemary since 1991 when she first came to our monastery for a sabbatical. It was the first time in 25 years that she had taken a sabbatical from her convent, Fairacres of Oxford, an Anglican Christian community whose Rule is akin to the Carmelites. She came to our monastery because she was interested and her Mother Superior supported her aspiration to practice Buddhist meditation.


I value her counsel. I have known her since the time of my ordination; she knows our monastery and monastic community intimately, and for many years was the Mother Superior of her own community. So after sharing candidly, she said to me: “I will tell you something you already know:  You have to follow your integrity.”


Before parting, I told her I welcomed any additional feedback, images or things she wanted to share regarding our conversation and my subsequent decision to return to the US with the Awakening Truth project in mind.


Next thing I knew, she sent me this picture she’d painted herself. That was her feedback. Since it comes out of the process and conveys the vision behind this project to me, I asked her permission to use it as a logo and she agreed!


Thanasanti Bhikkhuni